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Phlebotomy Online Exam - $100.00

Call Toll free 1.800.750.9222 to schedule an exam.

The Becksford Online Phlebotomy Exam is offered to those who have already acquired 100 or more venipunctures, in addition to 25 or more finger/heel sticks. Proper documentation of this experience is required before access to the exam will be granted. The exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, and is timed at 3 hours. Results are generated automatically after completion of the exam or timing out.

A study guide (E-Book) is available for additional purchase, from which our exam is based. See our materials page for purchase.

Upon successful completion of the Online Exam, you will receive a national* certification.

*Restrictions are found in California and Louisiana, dependent solely upon your employer, as these two states have created state-specific licenses that may be required of you in order to perform Phlebotomy. Please check with your employer as to whether these restrictions may apply to you before registering with Becksford. Becksford will not be held responsible if you fail to do so, and all applicable cancellation policies and fees will be applied. Please read through our Terms and Conditions before submitting your registration.

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