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Terms and Conditions

By registering for a Becksford Program, you must agree to our Terms and Conditions.

All Becksford Programs are NON-REFUNDABLE.

All Workshops, Online Exams, Home Study Programs, Study Guides, Certifications, and Program Materials are non-refundable, non-returnable, no exceptions. Becksford will not be held responsible for any registrant who fails to read and/or comply with these policies.

All Workshops require Advance Registration (Registration Deadlines can be found online at or by calling Becksford Health Services). Late registrations and walk-ins are subject to Becksford approval and rate increase.

Becksford Health Services reserves the right to cancel or limit the time of the workshops without any prior notice if minimum registration requirements are not met. Becksford is not responsible for any travel-related expenses incurred, including but not limited to: Airfare, Hotel, Taxi, Parking, Rental Car, etc., by registering for and/or attending our workshops.

Should the workshop for which you are registered be canceled or rescheduled by Becksford Health Services, you will automatically be transferred into the next Workshop serving your area. If you are unable to attend the following Workshop, you will have 12 months to attend a Workshop. If you are unable to attend a Workshop within 12 months of your original Workshop, your registration will render Null and Void, and you will be required to re-register at full, current prices. If you do not attend your Workshop, you are considered a No-Show and your registration will be rendered Null and Void, as services were rendered by Becksford Health Services.

Becksford Health Services is not a job placement agency. We neither provide jobs nor guarantee jobs. Becksford provides certification, skill enhancement, and continuing education services, only.


In order to be eligible for a Becksford Online Certification Exam, you attest you have met the minimum criteria to take the exam.

The exam fee is non-refundable, non-transferable. Becksford will not be held responsible for any registrant who fails to read and/or comply with these policies. It is your sole responsibility to check with your state and/or employer for acceptance of our certification.

You have 30 days from the activation date to take the exam. Once you have started the exam, it cannot be stopped and you will be required to complete it in the allotted time frame. Becksford is not responsible for any technical difficulties you may have due to your computer and/or poor Internet connection. Becksford is not responsible if you log out of your timed exam, and lose time. It is your responsibility to disable call waiting, answering machines, and any other device that may cause interference of your online exam. You must use a computer with a stable, high-speed Internet connection. In the event of a technical problem, you can retry 2 times in a 1 hour period from the same computer at the discretion of Becksford technical support staff. Exams must be passed with a minimum score of 75% in order to earn the corresponding certification or specialization. Should you fail an exam, you must re-register and pay the exam fee each time you attempt the exam. You may request a hand score of the exam for an additional fee of $25.

Becksford Health Services reserves the right to update our Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice. Updates are effective immediately.

By submitting this form: I confirm that I meet all of the medical background pre-requisites for the program for which I am registering, I am at least 18 years of age, and I fully understand and agree with the Becksford policies stated on this form. I understand noncompliance of any of these policies will forfeit any obligation by Becksford.