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Becksford Health Services offer three ways to obtain your certification:


The Becksford Health Services team are the original creators of accelerated national certification workshops and online exams for healthcare professionals. We specialize in Venous Access, aka Phlebotomy, IV Therapy, PICC Line, and the nation’s only Obstetric Technician Certification. We will be launching new certifications and specializations soon. We at Becksford Health Services aim to provide fast, complete, quality clinical skills coverage and certification, at the national level. As you may already know, being nationally certified can increase job seekers' prospects and pay rate, compared to a non-certified applicant. We at Becksford Health Services look forward to discussing your certification needs. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Hands-on Workshops

Our hands on workshop certification is a popular choice for most, as the hands on skills are tailored to enhance those with little or limited experience, to the seasoned professional. We also offer custom tailored workshops for those needing a specialization certification. We will provide any necessary clinical sessions, as well as certification examination, based on your needs and schedule. We offer public and private workshops throughout the United States.

Home Study Programs

Our Home Study Programs are a unique and efficient method to earn national certification.


Online Certification Exams are available to those who have existing experience in the respective field and simply need certification only. Our certification exams are fast and convenient, and do not require the exam taker to travel to examination sites.

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Because so many technical schools offer distance learning degree programs, there's really no excuse for not becoming "certified" for the jobs of tomorrow. Time, distance, and money are no longer obstacles to career advancement.